Saturday, April 26, 2008

NEW old-school music

The music industry hasn't got anything worth listening to to add to the history of electronic music. Thank God for outlets such as Facebook or Myspace where music lovers can find what they're looking for.

I just found two very good artists and albums in the recent past: Marsheaux from Greece and Britain based pop duo Cassette Electric.

Marsheaux album "Peekaboo" is well produced, and the two very good looking woman know how to create different moods through music. The songs are all very OMD/New Order-esque in terms of songwriting and arrangement yet, thanks to the sound of 21st century recording studios and instruments, the album is fresh sounding.

Cassette Electric is on the way to becoming a well known act themselves as they have supported The Human League on their last tour. Cassette Electric will also support Client in November 08.

CE's album: "Electromagnetic" offers superb songs throughout, including a cover version of Erasure's "Respect". CE are clear Vince Clarke fans as one can find a remake of Depeche Mode's "New Life" on their myspace page.

The vocals and musical arrangements on "Electromagnetic" are deep and long-lasting and the album will instantly hook people in.

Check their pages and buy their albums - they are truly brilliant