Friday, March 17, 2006

Depeche Mode

It is the year 2006 and Depeche Mode are currently on a massive world tour promoting their latest hit album: „Playing the angel“ – and it is not a comeback tour, they are there since 81 and they never died or fell victim to other shortlived trends. In a very real way the are the true survivors and winners when it comes to all that’s left from the mighty 80s.

And even this statement doesn’t do them justice because there music isn´t stuck in the 80s, they evolved and moved on and they deserve to be called true heroes.

It wasn’t always easy for Depeche Mode – when songwriter and Depeche Mode founder Vince Clarke left the band, literally the minute success came, in the next Depeche album without Vince didn’t chart as high as they had hoped for and Depeche was on the edge of becoming a pale memory of musicians. Fortunately DM found there strength and Martin Gore turned out to be an equally talented songwriter and they did well in bringing a trained musician, Alan Wilder, to the group before taking over the world.

Wilder left the band in the early/mid 90s but “Ultra”, the album that came after Wilders departure, became an instant hit album and remains one of the strongest albums they´ve ever made.

DM brought us so many great tunes that I would love to see them around forever. Read more under

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